DogJesus​/​LikeaManatee Split

by Like a Manatee, Dog Jesus

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Little voice memo demos of me and Nicks songs. First three are me, last three are him


released June 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Like a Manatee Madison, Wisconsin

Striving to achieve the sounds of the manatees

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Track Name: Secret Soceities (LikeaManatee)
Trust me when I say the days go too slow
But I want them to go as slow as they can
All alone I'd be the gingerbread man
And you're so glad to be known again

Somebody call secret police
Somebody call secret societies

With all your words you put me at ease
I don't have any money but Ill give you something else
Maybe a song for tomorrow
We'd try so hard with that pill we'd swallow

Somebody call secret police
Somebody call secret societies
Track Name: I Wanna Be Down to My Pizza Undies With You (LikeaManatee)
Call me crazy call me what you need
But just rely on me, rely on me
I"m lonely, I'll be a lonely boy for you
So won't you call me
Call me anything you need

Call me lonely, but I'm not lonely when I'm watching you
Call me holy, but holiness is only something to
Achieve, achieve with your own mental focus
I'm not focused
So how can I be holy enough for you?
Track Name: I Wish I Were a Lake (LikeaManatee)
I wish I were a lake
To sit in meditative silence
I'm not very brave
I think i could relate

A lake, don't have to miss you
A lake, don't have to feel things that aren't there

I wish I were a dog
To sit in someone else's arms
A dog don't have to worry
Or prove who they are

I think I'd like to go now
I'm too nervous anyhow
I guess I should go now
Can't find my way down

I wish I were a bug
To eat someones flesh
But I'm just a human
And I'm such a mess

But I really like to see ya
Grateful every time I meet ya
I'll find a way around
Can't find my way down